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Frank Pluta

for Nanaimo City Council 2022
Commitment  - Leadership - Experience

 Build a better city for a better tomorrow

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Thank You to ALL my those who voted for me!


I had a Great experience running for City Council....I met so many exciting and bright people that shone light the issues and concerns with our Nanaimo. Most of them were the same as my concerns.

I want you all to "Stay the Course" and keep the freedom is an essential right for all of us and that truth will prevail.

Thank you, thank you.....I Love You Nanaimo!!! 

Hi, I'm Frank Pluta
I've been in business and supporting
.small businesses for over 40 years

During that time, I've served as a
Councillor for the Village of McBride 
Regional District Representative for
.the Fraser-Fort George Regional District

I was deeply involved in supporting our
local Chamber of Commerce in revitalizing
our downtown & increasing
.our tourism profile

I want to bring my Experience, Business Acumen and Common Sense in making Community based decisions  to Nanaimo City Council 

I would like to ask for your support
for my running as 

Councillor for the City of Nanaimo
on Oct. 15, 2022


October 6, 2022

NEW - All Candidates Meeting on October 13th @ 6pm


Here's your chance as candidates will be answering questions from the public directly. No preset questions - no canned questions. Raw from the audience. Come out and ask those burning questions - hear directly from the candidates.

Oct 13th at Beban Park Social Centre

at 6pm to 9pm

September 1, 2022


Former Councilwoman gives her support to Pluta for City Council


After serving on city committees and boards for years, former Councilwoman Shirley Lance, has given her support to Pluta for this upcoming election. She stated that, "Frank would bring his years of business experience and previous municipal leadership to assist Nanaimo in moving forward".

September 1, 2022


I need your Vote on Oct 15th!


I Love Nanaimo! I believe in using Common Sense and Accountability when running our Beautiful City. I want to contribute my Lifetime of Business Experience to bring sensibility to City Council decision making.

Please, Vote for me on Oct. 15, 2022 for Nanaimo City Council.

August 31, 2022

Pluta announces candidacy for Nanaimo Council for 2022


After receiving support from several individuals who have served the City of Nanaimo, Frank Pluta, has announced his candidacy for Nanaimo City Council for 2022!

September 8, 2022


It's Official - Frank's Submitted his Documents for Running for Councillor


It's done. Frank's thrown his hat in the ring for Councillor for this years election. "There's lots of work to be done and people to reach - but I want to use my experience to. we're gonna do it"

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