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"It's time to take a Good look at what's been happening on Council. It's time to bring some Common Sense and Business Sense to decision making." Frank Pluta
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  • that Council recently added another $1.4 million to the Metral Drive project ?
  • that that the NEXT Bike Lane is slated for $1.3 million for Albert Street bike ?
  • that 26% of the 239 residents and businesses responding to questions said they feel unsafe walking alone downtown in daylight, while 72% said they feel unsafe if they are alone at night?
  • that violent crime is up 44% in Nanaimo since just LAST YEAR ?!
  • that Mayor Krog is part of the Global Covenant of Mayors ~ Founded by the World Economic Forum ?

  • that there is a proposed $25-30 million boardwalk proposed for the waterfront north of Departure Bay ferry dock ?  
  • that in 2018, Nanaimo had the largest tent city in the Province ?
  • that one of the first actions of the current Council was to give themselves a Pay Raise ?
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